Top 10 unusual backpacks

Who travel a lot, he knows how useful and important can be a backpack. However, many people use this backpack on a daily basis. Here are ten of the most extraordinary technological and backpacks just and will be discussed in our review.

 Gig Pack – a backpack with a scooter
backpack can be used in absolutely any way to travel. But Gig Pack – a backpack, which in itself is a vehicle. After a few seconds it can turn into a scooter!  Boat Backpack Backpack Inflatable Pontoon Boat
is difficult to say which came first in the Backpack Inflatable Pontoon Boat. It’s both a backpack and a boat, which can turn into a bag if it is to deploy and inflate.  Backpack-Mega Cockroach cockroach
Backpack Mega Cockroach supposedly came to us from trash horror movie about the invasion of huge cockroach killer. At least, so it looks from the outside. After all, this bag looks like a giant insect, glaring paws on the shoulders of man.

 Backpack with a joystick from the NES
game console manipulator of NES is very recognizable by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Even if it is part of the backpack.  Alppac backpack for traveling gadzhetomanov
Backpack Alppac like those who, even in the journey can not renounce the use of gadgets and devices. After all, this bag can generate electricity for charging the device. Moreover, the energy will appear due to loosening of the backpack when walking.

BUILT Laptop Backpack
Backpack BUILT Laptop Backpack is designed for one single purpose – to carry a laptop. So he has a thickness of only a few centimeters – is nothing but a laptop, it is not supposed to carry.

Audioryukzak Under Armour Grapple
Backpack Under Armour Grapple is designed for music lovers to music has always traveled with them. After all, this bag is built a powerful sound system that can connect to your audio player.

Backpack-pet kennel
in your backpack Pet at Work Backpack can be worn almost anything. Even pets. After all, this pouch is a special section for dogs or cats. Of course, if a small dog, not the St. Bernard or Labrador.

Massaging Backpack – backpack for relaxation
after a day spent with a backpack on his shoulders, the latter will fall off. But this does not happen if you go with the Massaging Backpack – backpack, who knows how to massage your back and shoulders.

With a backpack you can drive around the entire planet. And there are cases when the backpack itself is a planet! For example, Hapsical Earth Backpack.

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