Luxury Minimalist the Villa Casa Playa Las Palmeras in Peru

Luxury minimalist villa Casa Las Palmeras Playa , recently built in Lima (Peru) – impressive work specialists from the local architectural studio Riofrio + Rodrigo Architects.

   Asymmetric cross-shaped form of the main facade is a combination of symbolism and subtle expressive element of ultra-modern architecture of the home.

 Being a work of art is the construction of private housing, a new generation, an elegant villa, while taking care of the privacy of living of its inhabitants, but rather vain, not to open a review of their best “quality” – fragments of space, equivalent expression, as in the daytime and at night.

 Through a simple but strong on the degree of visual perception and recognition of forms, as well as an elaborate system of external lighting and contrast elements of the facade decoration materials, Casa Playa Las Palmeras is perceived more as a landmark sculptural object, and after – as a private dwelling their happy owners.

 Light air space houses at least conceptual than its exterior. The spacious glass fragments, which, if necessary, can be rolled back, unite with the inner space of dwellings surrounding landscape, greatly increasing the facilities at the level of sensations.

   The unique spiral staircase, which became the dominant visual neutral monochrome interior, is also an integral part of the composition of the exterior houses, the apparent view of passers-by, both in daytime and at night. A fairly large piece of land belonging to the owners of the house, allowed the architects to create the most effective for his perception of the landscape context.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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