Cup-flower in the interior of the new boutique CREO, Indian

CREO – an ultra-modern boutique, designed by the architectural studio of Indian Sameep Padora and Associates , recently opened its doors to visitors in Mumbai (India). Visually dominant magazine has a unique sculptural and functional structure in white, set in the center of the room facilities.

   This large-scale gibridizirovanaya bowl is made of cast acrylic, in consequence of which was the simplest and most cost-effective part of an exclusive, distinguishing a new boutique in the number of large number of similar commercial spaces Mumbai.

Forming a second grade level of two tiers of windows in the spacious room, located in an old historic building with classical architecture, the snow-white futuristic structure is also a part of the commercial equipment the main hall and a comfortable seating area, the foresight of the proposed owners of boutique clients within the first floor.

 Transparent to the end faces, a flower-cup composed of several, rhythmically repetitive segments along the entire extended into the room boutique.

 Despite the ultra-modern form and eclectic, partly urban boutique interior design, the structure is a subtle but recognizable allusion to the theme of ancient Indian architecture.

 Due to this delicate combination, the structure is quite harmoniously adapted to the exterior of traditional urban buildings, being visible to passers-by through the large open windows, a new boutique.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio with offices in several Indian cities:

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