School of Eco-Art Project in Singapore

School of the Arts – a large-scale eco-design school of arts, developed by experts from the architectural studio WOHA for Singapore. The facility combines two different design concepts, symbolically called The Backdrop (“Background”) and The Blank Canvas (“blank canvas”).

   The first direction aims to create a safe and comfortable learning environment, the second – is designed to encourage communication and cultural life of the city.

 Multi-storey structure consists of several units linked together, both visually and functionally.

 “Background” is the podium, which includes a concert hall, drama theater and a number of small informal spaces, creative, equipped with the latest technology and interior design trends.

 There will be planned and spontaneous concerts for the organization of a well-lit space where you plan to use the special platforms and even the unusual shape of stairs.

 “Blank canvas” – a secure top layer, parts of which merged with each other through a single point of access and visually connected to the lower catwalk. There are rooms for study and creative studios, and connecting elements of the building is a gymnasium and a library. Green inclusion and spacious terraces with gardens help to create a favorable microclimate inside and outside the structure, and to facilitate interactions between students and visitors to the “green” school of art.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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