Beerd – An eclectic reconstruction of an English Pub

Beerd – recently renovated pub, pizzeria, located in Bristol (UK). The authors of the redevelopment and the creation of new, relevant for today’s image has become a local institution architectural studio Simple Simon Design.

   The interiors are decorated with recycled wood bar, the elements of obtaining a “second life” in his new capacity, and wallpaper with the image of beer of various brands and manufacturers.

 Overhaul of old pub is based on the removal of fragments of previous, more refined, but outdated, dull finish, followed by an emphasis on raw old brick, rough wooden floors and salvaged from the landfill and recycling items brought to the designers of “flea markets” in England.

 Erased, “battered”, but bright and expressive elements of the situation make a living spiritual atmosphere of relaxation and pleasant emotions, offering visitors the reliability and validity, devoid of static, but filled with intense internal dynamics.

 Stylish democratic institution seeks to attract and integrate a wide range of visitors to the “new generation”.

   Reconstruction of a small budget, as so often leads to unexpected and creative solutions with strong energy and impressive visual effect. This is what happened in Beerd, where the principle of “cutting off all superfluous” (for example, all drywall, previously covering the colorful brickwork) was the most cost-effective and creative way.

 The authors have created an eclectic allusions project on water towers, old residential and industrial buildings in New York.

 Signs of the time, both generations have met here for a friendly chat over a glass of beer, “in light of the broad daylight” or intriguing dim flickering candlelight.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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