Fans bracelets gadget for the gadget of the chinavasion


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Fans bracelets definitely need to see the novelty of the site . Thing-it is not easy, and gold. More precisely – e. This bracelet will be interesting as the ladies who love to forget mobile phones or do not answer calls, and those female individuals who adore all sorts of unusual trinkets. Let’s start from the beginning.

   First, it involves the appearance of the accessory. Bracelet is made of smooth black and white, with pearly luster, colors of the plastic material. Also, designers have taken care of the soft gel pads that protect your delicate skin from damage and rubbing at the wrist.  Second, this bracelet – not just a cute little thing, but a kind of gadget to gadget, specifically – for mobile phones. In particular, the ornament is fitted with an indicator of tech calls and notifies you of incoming noticeable vibration on the hand.So, if someone is persistently nazvanivat until you are in the mood, it is possible, even without taking the unit out of the bag, take a major decision – to take up or still wait a reply. Also, with the bracelet can be “reset” the annoying caller. The device works by Bluetooth.  Fourthly, the new product is equipped with electronic clocks. It is known that many girls do not like to wear a watch on the strap because it is uncomfortable – too tight or rubs. Now, about this issue, we need not worry – “thank you” to the above gel lining.

 Well, designers are in store for dessert special “protection” feature wonderful bracelet. What is meant by this? Imagine you’ve been a favorite of some wonderful restaurant, the young man paid, and together you go home. But on his arrival found that the phone no. Where can he be? Rather, in a restaurant, because you left it on the table. The probability that the phone back, not too encouraging. And hopeless romantic evening fell. But with the cunning Chinese novelty chinavasion this scenario you do not threaten. After all, if you delete from your mobile device at least 20 meters, the device also begins to vibrate violently. Is not it alarm?

 Price bracelets – about $ 28. This device can be a wonderful gift for your ladies, men, and at the same time will save your wallet from buying another phone. Plus, with all the functionality of the bracelet has a really good look.              

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