NapTV – TV and a Chair, Chair and TV

The chair, which you can watch TV and where you can sit, this is not the result of an unhealthy imagination of the designer-Rastaman. This is a very real, if I may say so about the concept, the project’s Korean Sung-kyu Nam , which really is a multi-object NapTV – and the piece of furniture and consumer electronics.
Sung-kyu Nam came up with an innovative television for lazy people, because to see NapTV, need to lie down … directly below this bench. A small LCD screen located on the back of the seat, and ignorant people are very surprised when they see someone who is currently watching TV NapTV. If guests will meet a few people, high chair can be flipped on its side, and will shut-TV, which you can see the comfort all around.

When necessary, the TV is not present, you can sit on a chair, or use it as a small camp table. By the way, NapTV easily move from place to place, as it weighs a bit and make it easier to carry, on both sides of the handle devaysa done. More information about this and other projects designer – his website.

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