The resort in the UAE from Real Madrid combined with a football theme park

Spain and the United Arab Emirates united not only by the fact that these countries are among the few modern monarchies. Recently, a great leadership team Real Madrid expressed the desire to invest one billion dollars in the creation of a luxury resort in the Gulf, combined with a football theme park.

   In our review of the artificial islands , we have already talked about the man-made archipelagos in the form of palm trees that have become part of the United Arab Emirates. To carry out its own similar project in the country and the football club has decided to Real Madrid.  Galaktikos (the nickname of the club) have expressed their desire to invest one billion dollars in the construction of several of the archipelago of artificial islands, on which the 430,000 square feet of commercial real estate.

 There will be, and private villas, and office space, and huge shopping centers and luxury hotels. And it will be created in the football aesthetics. There’s also a museum built the team and Real Madrid football stadium designed for 10,000 spectators.

 As expected, the archipelago will become a Mecca for sports teams from around the world. There will arrive at the training camp and exhibition tournaments are the best football clubs in the world. In addition, there appears a second home of the club Real Madrid, where Galaktikos will spend at least a couple of months of the year. Club management optimistically declares that in the first year of football this resort will attract around one million visitors. Mainly from Asia. After all, this continent, as many analysts have become the main engine of the economy of the future. And while the services market there is only beginning to emerge – is, to grow and where to invest.

According to the disclosed information, the first part of the archipelago of the football Real Madrid will be opened in 2015, the year. This project was taken under special control of the Government of the United Arab Emirates as a priority (indeed, it itself acts as a co-investor). So that nothing will prevent the implementation of these ambitious plans.

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