Contemporary Porcelain by Heinrich Wang

China and the tea ceremony – two concepts that should always be hand in hand. That’s a new series of porcelain crockery, prepared by the designer Henry Wang (Heinrich Wang) for the Milan Triennale, once again proves that his company NewChi knows what’s what in the exclusive and original, elegant and sophisticated set of china for the ceremony.

 A new collection of designer porcelain tea sets is very symbolic – Lighter than White (Lighter white), and re-interprets the traditional Chinese culture and philosophy in the modern context. The unique style of this collection goes beyond the boundaries of global fashion, and include both modern elements and characteristics of ancient Chinese culture.

     According to Henry Wang, “Chi” means a new positive energy. And designers from NewChi, who work on projects of stylish porcelain dinner services, adhere to a special, innovative style of the dish, thus setting new standards for cultural and creative industries. Referring to his work in Chinese philosophy, legends and symbols, Henry Wang problems affecting education and the cultivation of man, the formation of his inner world.


The famous Triennale will be held in Milan from 17 to 22 April this year. The exhibition Lighter than White will be the first exhibition of the author Henry Wang in Europe.

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