The ultra-modern extension of the traditional cottage from the Australian architectural studio Innovarchi.

The ultra-modern extension of a small traditional cottage situated in Balmeyne (a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) – the creative work of specialists from the Australian architectural studio Innovarchi.

   Moving away from the traditional model of expansion of residential buildings, the unique structure of the show wonders origamnoy form enclosed in relief, intentionally raw iron shell.

 Access to the new part of the existing house is like a corridor connecting the two buildings, as well as independently – from the area near the house.

 Studio extension of public space is becoming more open, thanks to the sliding doors, combining a living room with a wooden terrace. In addition, elements of the situation of social transformation of the area have the opportunity, growing and creating the most rational functional environment.

   Geometric structure with a pitched roof developed from a traditional triangular shape recognizable to the area of ​​housing.

   ventilation. In addition, the structure is organized in such a way that one of the parties to ensure protection of private life of its inhabitants, and the other to be very open to the sun, sky and garden.

   Turning “back” to located near the traditional brick house, steel extension provides the privacy and confidentiality is a protective buffer between the outside world and patio.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, headquartered in Sydney:

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