Kitchen installation in the exhibition of furniture MTKT Innovation 2012

The exhibition MTKT Innovation (Kiev, Ukraine), held recently at the exposition center “KyivExpoPlaza”, the company DuPont ™ Corian ® introduced a furniture installation “Siren” , which belongs to the authorship of the design studio Yaroslav Galant Innovative design ® . Lilac has always been a symbol of blossoming spring. That is why the leitmotif of the collection was a gentle trail of enchanting scents, colors and shapes of lilac. Kitchen island from Yaroslav Galant recalls a harmonious multi lilac garden, which is right in your home.

   To create a futuristic interpretation of the beautiful spring conditions by installing Jaroslav Galant used several colors of Corian: Design white, Antique amethyst and Anthracite. The set designer problem – ecological and functionality of all objects and furniture components – has been achieved thanks to material properties as strength, resistance to dirt and the ability to take many different forms. The ergonomic kitchen installation consists of two parts: internal – the work area for cooking and outdoor – a bar. In this case there is no clear zoning area, which saves space and brings in a whole exciting process of cooking and eating in a romantic setting.

 In addition, the kitchen sink has a very unusual, which is also still one of the three major leg-bearing headset. And all around her, in the table top, mounted removable pots with flowers that enliven the atmosphere of the work area. Table top thickness of 40 mm is made in three colors palette mnogovariativnoy Corian: Design white, Antique amethyst and Anthracite.The basic mood of the installation of a white color (Design white), became the backdrop for the abstract purple specks Corian (Antique amethyst), framed by a thin strip of gray (Anthracite). This is a harmonious blend of colors and patterns promotes relaxation and create a romantic atmosphere.

 In front of the upper shelves, countertops installed diode lights, which provides coverage, as a working and a bar area kitchen. Lighting is also mounted to the top of the kitchen dresser, whose goal is not only to store the inventory table (for this purpose there are four drawers), but also a visual transition to a separate island located kitchen with a stove.

 The designer arranged the space so as to put the kit in the kitchen containers of various sizes for organizing green areas: pots, lamps, pots with plants in shape and color curves reproduces the main kitchen units, as well as five removable pots of flowers around the shell. We should also mention vases, lamps, an idea which is to bring together a floor lamp and flower pots. Through the properties of high-tech material Corian provides diffused lighting facilities and is designed biolamp function required for plant growth.

This installation is a concept that is flexibly oriented to the individual wishes of the customer, allowing consumers dokomplektatsii necessary functional elements and varying dimensions, as well as some structural elements. with the work of the author of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the design studio:

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