Sebastian Vettel : Infiniti FX on the Formula 1 champion

Manufacturers of various products in recent years often invite famous people to work for branding their names of their products. One of the last of these cases can be called a production car Infiniti FX , which has the second name of Sebastian Vettel.

 After the shoes Timberland Ringo , Daft drink Coke , a bottle of brandy from Damien Hirst and chocolates The Chocolate Swarovski trend in joint projects, and came to the automotive industry. Namely, at the Frankfurt Motor Show of 2011 was introduced a concept car Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel, named in honor of Sebastian Vettel, the current World Champion in Formula 1 racing class.

 And Infiniti has recently announced the company that the car Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel put into production. However, very limited edition of only 200 copies. Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel – a race crossover, which can reach speeds of 300 kilometers per hour. It is optimized, in comparison with conventional Infiniti FX, aerodynamics, and five-liter engine produces 420 horsepower.

 In addition, Sebastian Vettel himself has made ​​adjustments in the design of the car Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel. So this machine has a splitter, diffuser and rear fog lights – the elements characteristic of bolides of Formula 1, not a street car. A beguiling interior Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel different orientation to his intuitive interface and multimedia management.

Of course, Sebastian Vettel personally involved in the campaign car named in his honor. For example, in late May, he will pass it on the racetrack in Monte Carlo, where the day after this will be the Grand Prix of Monaco.

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