Elektromototsikl Monocasco in Retro Style

The modern city dweller to do without private transport is becoming increasingly difficult, and traffic jams forced to think seriously about buying a mobile vehicle. The new Spanish elektromototsikl Monocasco – the ideal solution for those who are in need of long journeys through the city without the battery recharges and cost of fuel. The design of the “iron horse” made in retro style, will not leave anyone indifferent follower racing romance of the 1970s.

   Author’s concept was inspired by an old bike Monocasco OSSA at 250 horsepower, which became famous thanks to the rider Santiago Guerrero. Monocasco from Spanish means monocoque – the type of construction where the outer shell is the main carrier and the only element. The idea-fix the end of XX century – motorcycles with a super-sleek, monocoque engines are hiding.

 The new bike, despite its bulky appearance, looks much more attractive than its predecessor. Given that this is – public transport, then drive it will not work. Despite this, Monocasco – a reliable means of transportation on narrow city streets.

 The basis of the motorcycle – the electric motor, so the driver can not worry about the exhaust and fuel costs. The developers of the concept did not specify what to Monocasco actuators will be used for movement. It is obvious that a large body will establish a large capacity battery. In order to become more bike friendly city in the daily trips are planned minor modifications seats.

Let’s hope that this elektromototsikl put on stream in the near future. After all, OSSA, nothing is impossible.
And for those who like a more conventional bike, it’s worth remembering about his brother, the electric E-Bike Electric Bicycle from Ford.

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