“Fish” Chairs made of aluminum sardines from Kohreyna Tristan (Tristan Cochrane)

Perishable canned sardines, or you can throw away or fed to animals, or, following the example of British designer Tristan Kohreyna, turned into an original and fully functional chair, rocking chair or stool. At the time, this is the product of inspired young artist, and as a result of the world saw a couple of unusual chairs called Fish-Covered Chair.

 It all started with a large fish market, or a department in a supermarket, where Tristan Kohreyn saw the silvery sea of ​​sardines, and this show is so captured the imagination of the designer, it immediately generated a couple of his ideas worthy of implementation. Using edible fish as a form of gypsum for the future, and then aluminum and sardines, the designer receives the requisite amount of material to form a pair of original seats, the same silver as the sun shining fish scales.

     Coated fry a rocking chair and a round stool, entirely made of welded with fish, were made last year at the foundry in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). Because at the time the designer spent 12 years working in the fishing industry in Scotland, with marine issues he knows firsthand. Excellent knowledge of the appearance and behavior of fish, he managed to create a very realistic aluminum sardines. Before becoming part of the chair, each form in the form of fish was processed manually, and then carefully polished to a shine.


A talented designer, Tristan Kohreyn now lives and works in Barcelona where he has earned a reputation as the author of an amazing, exclusive furniture, “haute couture”. Meet with design projects that the author may at its website.

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