Treefolk named Mossbo, a children’s eco-light solar-powered night light

Will you help me, and I – you. Self-help and mutual help teach children a fun lamp, created by Swedish student from Umea, designer Vivian Lo (Vivian Lo) . Cute lamp is solar powered and looks like a character children’s story, Treefolk named Mossbo (Mossbo) , whose home was destroyed by massive felling of trees and destruction of forests.

 To teach a child to care for the near and not grow conceited egoist, many parents buy a house pet, for which the child will learn to care for. Similar way to come up with Vivian Lo, and to teach the younger generation to save energy, protect the environment, try not to harm nature. But as a teaching tool, it has been referred to a fun lamp called Mossbo solar lamp, running on solar batteries.


To make light work, it needs to be thoroughly “fed” by solar energy, and this child needs to learn to be responsible and do not forget to bring Mossbo in the sun. In the evening, when the time comes to go to bed, the turn Mossbo help his little friend, and his job – do not leave your child alone in the dark, to give him a little bit of light. Mossbo solar lamp responds to two types of pressing on the head: long means to enable or disable, and short – to switch between bright and dim light. If, however, refuses to light up a bright light, so light needs to be recharged. It is expected that Mossbo solar lamp would be for a child not only convenient night-light, but a fun toy.

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