Points in the technique of Macrame Sunglasses

Surely each of you to have a grandmother-mother-friend who is fond of weaving or knitting. And do not say that it’s not fashionable but irrelevant. This season accessories like wicker otvoyuyut a place in the warm spring sun. So make an urgent request for craftswomen trend delicate collar or, if she is patient enough, ask her to relate to you … sunglasses.

   If the school you are fond of weaving “baubles,” then and delicate bow for glasses, a little practice, easy to master. In any case, the Austrian designer Claude Bossetta (Claude Bossett) is obtained easily. Claude offers fans of originality and ethno-style unique to decorate their faces with sunglasses, the bow of which is wholly made ​​of yarn. Yes: no plastic – a solid “natural products”.

 The technique also holds nodular weaving an elegant frame for the lenses themselves, made of polycarbonate. In addition to the aesthetic features, plenty of soft decorative thread executes the function and practical: to break down these points in overcrowded bag or dropping them on the floor will be much harder. And the bow is unlikely to loosen. But the originality of the jewelry (glasses, “Macrame” is hardly just an accessory) and can not speak.

 For now, braided points from Claude Bossetta (which, incidentally, has already dabbled in the professional web designer and illustrator) reside in the prototype stage. Young people actively looking for funding. What is and wish him every success.

 Fine Points in the technique of macramé prove once again that the enhancement in the presence of imagination, can be made ​​from almost anything: from a thread even though from old skateboards . And at the same time, will be a worthy addition to the image in the style of “hippie chic”.

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