Vintage Furniture Vintage Sofa and Trunk Duo from the British designers

In honor of the next Summer Olympic Games in London (UK), British designer , Steve Redgrave , and Matthew Pinsent – have developed a line of vintage furniture, elements of which perfectly complement each other and create individual situation.

   Textiles, which is upholstered sofa Vintage Sofa and the surface of the trunk Trunk Duo decorated prints depicting vintage posters and posters for the Olympic feats of the past.

 Colorful, but not flashy colors and patterns of these furnishings are not only complementary, but also perfectly adapted to a variety of stylistic solutions and interior to any color palette.

Taking this and the “permissiveness” vintage-style sofa and chest tend to become popular, and inspire their future inhabitants to all sorts of creative improvisation.

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  1. I really love the vintage sofa! It looks really lovely.

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