Top 10 most Unusual Spectacles

About the positive person say that he “looks at the world through rose-colored glasses.” However, this accessory is not required to be exactly the same color to be considered unusual. Here are a dozen of the most creative and technological points of our time we will cover in this review.

Points in the technique of macramé
Ordinary sunglasses – a long-obsolete accessory! Nowadays, even the black stuff can be colored. And the same can be done with original score by creating a frame for them using the technique of macrame, as did the Austrian designer Claude Bossett (Claude Bossett).  Glasses with emotion
eyes can often convey human emotions and even his thoughts. The same can be said about the glasses Magic Emotion, which can be given a “lively” with the help of markers.

Points for blind people
Braille Sight Glasses will literally see the blind people. This device consists of two parts: directly from the points, which is built into a frame camera, and a special panel, which will be displayed in the form of arrays of points obtained by the image in real time.

Glasses that change color
Afraid that the color of new eyeglass frames are not suitable to your favorite dress or suit? Get Rgb Rainbow Glasses – glasses frame in which the color can be changed using the tinted water. And they can be even carry alcohol on board the aircraft or sports facilities!

Points of winter depression
SEQINETIC – a score that will save you from a bad mood and loss of strength in the short winter days. After all, they will fill the lack of sunlight, producing and directing it into your eyes.

Ballistic goggles
about bulletproof vests all know, but that’s about the points that have the same ability to hear this was not necessary.However, such an accessory in Japan went on sale. And it can withstand a direct hit by a bullet. However, it is not clear whether it will stand head, which they wear glasses!

Interactive points from Google
Inc. Google promises in the very near future to issue glasses that turn any man into a Terminator. After all, this accessory will be interactive – it will show the background information, will visit the web sites, and managed to look.

 Points for weight loss
Scientists have discovered that the blue color of the spectrum is very negative effect on appetite. So, if during the meal put on blue glasses, you will eat much less food than if they were not.

Red Lips Sunglasses are created to debunk the myth that it is men like eyes. However, in this case it is better not to take this idiom literally!

Points for night drivers
These glasses are designed for drivers who run their car in poor visibility conditions, namely, in the dark. They protect your eyes from the headlights of oncoming cars and make visible poorly lit parts. Particularly, this accessory should be like truck drivers!

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