“Silencer,” Dressing Sounds Eco-Otome

It would not have been awkward and uncomfortable to use the toilet at a party, official or educational establishments, cafes, restaurants and other public places, on my own can not escape. But from the embarrassment caused by may be some physiological characteristics of man, can escape. To do this, Japanese inventors have invented a special device, a gadget called the Eco-Otome.

 Very useful for thin-skinned, sensitive, intelligent natures, Eco-Otome is a “silencer” of the very sounds that waft out of the closet during the administration of natural needs. Some cunning probably already adapted to do this silently, having developed empirically a special position or having considered the correct angle. The rest of the rescue-blocker gadget from Japanese designers.


Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker looks like a key ring, you can carry in your pocket and no one would guess that at the right time, we need only to press the button, it will play the sound of running water. This is the same muffler extraneous sounds, delivering a lot of inconvenience sensitive natures. Some would say that because you can and actually open the faucet and let water, especially if the bathroom combined. And if not, or whether the owners of the apartment save water and do not spend it in vain? Cost of Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker is a little more than a dollar, and a video demonstrating the benefit of this device, you can see below:

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