Mantis Chair – A giant praying Mantis

Some people are afraid of insects, while others of their breed, and others inspired by them. The original wooden chair Mantis Chair of the company Wildetecture is just the result of this inspiration, gleaned designers in the hot African desert. Sand and mantis – this is their muse.

 Giant African Mantis, being unattractive or even frightening, but still possesses a certain grace, is a significant insect African desert. He is able to survive in the harsh conditions of the area, so the chair, created by designers from different Wildetecture durability and stability. Chair, just to say, an amateur, but it certainly appreciate those who like unusual pieces of furniture and interior, and who he loves to be in the center of attention, shocking, exciting and surprising others.


Designers frankly admit that a certain level of comfort has been sacrificed for outlandish design. But given how unusual it has turned out a piece of furniture that resembles more a sculpture than a chair, they can be understood, and Mantis Chair called a work of art with extended functional capabilities.

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