GLEM Office – an ultra-modern office from Mareines + Patalano Architects studio

GLEM Office – a unique office space, organized in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on a project of experts from the Brazilian architectural studio Mareines + Patalano Architects. The situation in the office more like an art gallery space than the space for the daily grind.

     The concrete building, which became the cover of the new office, has several levels. Small windows of the structure, made of a transparent bulletproof glass, designed to invite a limited number of interior sunlight and only a few angles of the surrounding landscape.

   All parts of a visual object are collected into a single unit on a vertical, curved through the stairs, beams of eucalyptus and bamboo fabrics.

   The first level was put on the waiting area and informal communication, as well as conference rooms, bathrooms and industrial premises.

   The first semi-circular staircase leads to the glass podium and second levels of an unusual building. There are office space and classrooms heads equipped with ergonomic furniture that can transform.

   A second staircase rises to the relaxation area with a kitchenette, a table for meals and a sofa to rest. Here are two wardrobe. Such unique details like bamboo mesh, translucent glass catwalk, handrails, stainless steel and filtered sunlight, which plays with light and shadow on the walls of the building, creating ease, originality and sophistication GLEM Office.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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