Green Cast – Renovated under the project of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma

Green Cast – green building, renovated under the project of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, develops the theme of fusion of modern architecture and wildlife. The use of an existing structure as a basis for fixing the vegetation in this project is a reflection of the need to integrate new pieces of the facade instead of the victims over time. In addition, green exterior is designed to create a favorable microclimate inside and outside buildings.

   Relief wall is filled with plants, creating an impression of the interaction between two tectonic forces – natural and artificial, that seemed to struggle for supremacy.

 The multipurpose building is located close to the train station in Odawara (Japan). On the first floor there are clinic and pharmacy, and the upper levels of a given office. Planters are made from cast aluminum panels, built-in casting monoblock.Each panel is tilted, and its surface appears organic, due to the perforated cover of the penostirola.

 The building is equipped with a special irrigation system, an air reservoir for the ventilation system and drain pipes that uses rainwater to irrigate plants.

With the creativity of the author of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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