20 Best Design Pictures of the Week – March 22nd to March 29th, 2012

1. Miami Airport walkway installation…


2. Coffeehouse loyalty card and stamp 

3. Stairs

4. Webcor ZIP Jumbo Button Telephone model 768SW, 1980s 

5. Antique Light Bulb Terrarium 

6. When he was young, he wrote a letter to Frank Lloyd Wright asking him to design a doghouse … sure enough, Wright wrote back, and he built it

7. Carved marble columns and ceiling inside Jain Temple – Ranakpur, India 

8. The Pennsylvania Railroad’s beautiful and completely unique S1 steam locomotive – Raymond Loewy 

9. The Urilift Pop-up retractable public urinal – Amsterdam 

10. Keyball – (Somewhat Impractical) Alternative QWERTY Keyboard Design

11. Chandelier with a drawing of a heron by F. Krizik in Prague’s Municipal House

12. Interesting use of a statue on a building entrance – Prague 

13. Tony Award BBQ Invite, designed by Eric Vasquez

14. Naga decorative roof designs silhouetted on a Buddhist temple – Laos 

15. Rajput design: Arches in Mehrangarh Fort in Jodphur, India 

16. Gold plated domes and marble walls of Harmandir Sahib, India 

17. Saint Cloud Park in Paris 

18. Smoking lounge, Radio City Music Hall – Donald Deskey

19. X, Rome Italy 

20. Got Milk? Conceptual Packaging Design

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  1. saurabh says:

    these designes are unique i like it tooooooooooo much…

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