Kiral – Kinetic and Optical illusions by the Mexican architectural studio Agence Arquitectura

In the area of Colonia Juarez (Mexico City, Mexico), a new unusual building, which the authors – Mexican architectural studio Agence Arquitectura , and Movimiento Workshop – inspired by currents Art Cintique (kinetic art) and Op Art (optical art).

   The facade of a small building called Kiral consists of vertical and horizontal lines forming waves, which break the usual course of perception of the vertical plane.

 Embossed Fence spacious balconies, which are the dominant part of the main facade, arched in several planes.

 Using a system of artificial lighting, the building looks particularly impressive at dusk.
Thanks to the ingenuity of the architects, the optical illusion is quite simple to manufacture and materials of exterior finishes create a feeling of continuous motion as a metaphor of urban life.


The building includes 17 apartments Kiral with balconies, a fitness room and a garden, located on the roof of the building.

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