Chin-Chin! Collection of Non-traditional Glasses

Chin-chin, we say to each other, in contact with the ringing of glasses. Collection of non-traditional glasses with the same name – Cin Ci, – student, came up with designer Stella Orlandina (Stella Orlandino) as a graduation project.

The collection includes eight glasses of glass, but not identical and impersonal, as in the standard sets, and original, each with its own “character” and his own, individual “image.” By the collection argues that picking up a glass and toast will not be able to wriggle out of any one guest, even the most cranky and grouchy. And for those who do not have a living fantasy, glasses can even suggest a topic for the next prandial speeches.      

Thus, in the collection Orlandina Stella (Stella Orlandino) is a glass designed specifically for a lot of drinking, but not becoming drunk guest, and for severe teetotaler, which, however, does not want to disappoint others, so drink with them on an equal non-alcoholic beverages. There is a pair of glasses for love and for individuals. For those who do not drink, and drink prigublyaet for comedians, humorists. In general, each a glass – from each according to his toast. The entire collection of non-traditional dishes can be seen on the site Orlandina Stella (Stella Orlandino).

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