A Unique collection of ” animal ” shoes Meskula Lasser (Maskull Lasserre)

Do you often spend time at the zoo? Agree that the current dominance of urbanization, people began to pay less attention to plants, animals and the world at large. But there was a person who moved the wild in our little town! That is not the animals themselves, and the prints of their paws. And his name – Meskul Lasser (Maskull Lasserre).


Meskul Lasser – is a Canadian art photographer and artist who came up with a new collection of “live” shoes. It is more designed for people living in big cities. But only for those who have a good sense of humor. After all, the photographer says plainly that the collection was created as a joke.


The collection is part of the project «Outliers (Trace)» and was first presented at the exhibition Laughing Squid. What did Meskul created? And he created a completely normal (and even well-worn), at first glance, shoes. But there is in it a “highlight”: designer attached to the sole of rubber feet prints of wild animals, which may surprise the regular inhabitant of the metropolis.


Imagine that you go on the road and suddenly you see in the snow or wet ground imprint of a bear’s paw. What would be your reaction? Perhaps a slight confusion at first, and then fear not weak. After all, how can there be a bear in the city? The only option – the animal escaped from the zoo, and this is a life-threatening. That’s a creative photographer jokes.


The idea for this collection of humorous Meskulu Lasser came from far away South Africa. This is where the designer spent his childhood. It is difficult to say whether Meskul often seen in South Africa, good-natured clumsy, but thanks to South African soil for such an unusual project.

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