Light Car Sharing – the Car-lights for rent by the Company EDAG

So it opened the world that the lights emit light of different colors, thus regulating the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. But the company EDAG has developed a concept car Light Car Sharing , which in itself is a traffic light !

 Last year we did site review of the most technologically current and future traffic signals . Here in this review could easily get into the car and light-Light Car Sharing, which is a German company EDAG has presented on the recently ended Auto Show Geneva Motor Show 2012. Light Car Sharing – a car, not intended for private ownership of them. It is intended to be leased, to be social machine, intended for wide circles of people.

   As in many European and American cities, there are points of public rental bikes that are located throughout the city, so maybe in the future there will be similar to the point where you can rent cars Light Car Sharing. And, to leave such a machine can not specifically stated in the field, and anywhere in the city.

And at the mere sight of a car Light Car Sharing, standing on the sidelines, you will understand whether it is rented or free.The fact that it will be a special panel LED, glowing red when he was busy, and green when you can rent.


In addition, in-car Light Car Sharing no room for the driver – the machine itself will go through the city, passengers will be sufficient only to indicate the point (or several) to which they have come. Management also many features of this car, as well as pay for his rent, can be carried out using a mobile phone.

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