Cup Moon glass, Showing all phases of the Moon

In the moonlight, especially the magical light white wine in a tall glass and fabulously shimmering champagne bubbles. Lunar inspiration, designers visited the studio Tale Design , was the reason for the unusual birth of the concept cups Moon glass , which can show the moon in all its phases. Index – to calculate the amount of drink.

The secret of the “Moon Cup” is as simple as the original. From the outside it looks very ordinary, smooth polished sides, a flat bottom …. And inside – original projections-steps, which form the phases of the moon as far as filling the cup.

It is best obtained from the moon is bright opaque drinks like milk, juice or coffee with milk, so that for a black coffee, tea or carbonated water such dishes is hardly amiss. However, for dark sinister beverage and dark moon designers have provided a white Moon glass. Cups are available in two colors and two volumes of 170 ml and 80 ml. Read more – on the site Tale Design.

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