The wooden “Shoes” in a new way of Martha Davis

Wooden shoes were very popular footwear in Europe since the Middle Ages. Yes, and now continues to pace around the world. What is the truth, today’s “shoes” of the tree is far away from their ancestral grave (the evolution of the century fashion – it’s no joke). And got a fairly presentable appearance, and ease of turning into a stylish eco-flops. For example, such as offering designer wear this spring in March Davis (Martha Davis).


Davis in March not-so-narrow “knowing” distant circles of America known as the young talent. And, as it should be young talent, not so long ago (in January), she took part in a special project for the young and promising The Residence Workshop (San Francisco). The purpose of this charity event – to help local young designers to create a full fashion collection. March decided to take a chance and focus on creating a line of stylish wooden shoes.

Davis took a course on the nature and the “organic” in form and in materials. According to the designer, her goal was “to create something quite simple … it simple – the most honest and most beautiful.” But then came a Martha implement his plan – a question.

To call a collection of unique wooden sandals from Martha Davis simple language somehow did not turn. Coarse texture of real wood combined with the unusually shaped heels and platforms, making each pair of truly unique. Design shoes literally rests on different-sized circles and rectangles. And all this beauty is made in a neutral “natural” color.  

The raw material for the collection was the wood of cypress and redwood, subjected to secondary processing. So that no one tree directly for the sake of fashion is not affected. Fittings made of brass and steel.


In this fashion experiment with an environmental bias were satisfied itself Davis in March, and the curators of the project, and future buyers extravagant wooden sandals.

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