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Plain wooden rolling pin, which is in the kitchen each family, this is truly a magical tool. It can serve as an instrument of peaceful labor and carefully roll dough crusts for pies, cakes and biscuits. Or become a dangerous weapon and, sour cream and smashing everything in its path. Given this multi-functionality of everyday objects, the designers could not ignore it to their attention. So imagine you are the original review: the ten most unusual design skalok.

Skalka Calendar

Tear-off calendar, as you know, slowly melt the end of the year. The authors of this calendar as a wooden rolling pin for rolling out dough to bake offer calendar … And then eat it. Although unlikely to survive for so long baking, especially if it turns out butter and tasty.


Silicone rolling pin, to which the assurance of the authors, the dough does not stick, is also the ruler. Deposited on its surface markings on one side centimeters and inches on the other. A useful tool in everyday life, especially in the kitchen!



Once upon a time, and in some cases up to now, the mistress of a rolling pin instead of using conventional glass bottle. In memory of those times, designers have created a kind of retro-rolling pin in a bottle with two necks, sealed cork. This rolling pin can be left as is, and you can fill out a multi-colored corn to decorate, and make the device well, heavier. And useful, and creative.

Skalka cooled

All books and manuals on housekeeping and cooking are taught to young housewives: the dough will not stick to hands or a rolling pin, hands should be moistened with cold water and a rolling pin is desirable to hold some time in the refrigerator. This rolling pin to put in the fridge did not need. It should only fill the tank within a rolling pin with cold water, and it will successfully cope with its task to roll out the dough so that it is not stuck to the surface.

Skalka made in England

Rolling the dough with a rolling pin that can ensure a future baking a special mark of quality. It will be shown proudly Made in England, and it is – a sign of European-style, and generally funny stuff.



Device called the Roll & Mix is ​​not just a rolling pin, and a pestle for spices, as well as the container for a liquid like oil, vinegar, milk or water. In addition, each part of this device can be self-contained and full kitchen gadget that makes the invention an additional plus.

Rolling Pin with manual settings

The unusual rolling pin, invented the designer by the name of Damien Evans recalls the sports bar. It is attached to several round “pancakes” that need to be strung on both ends of the wooden bars. These washers need to manually adjust the thickness of the cake and roll it with no problems as it should.

Rolling Pin with a bonus

To save space in the kitchen, and keep on hand all the accessories needed to bake cookies figure, the designers came up with a special rolling pin Roll-and-Store. It is transparent and hollow inside, so that this void can be filled molds for baking. By the way, to the rolling pin are included.

Rolling Pin-cushion

Skalka, reminiscent of the roller to paint the walls, will help to quickly and effectively roll out the dough with one hand, while the second one at this time, you can stir the glaze, cook a little longer or the same soup, and then bottle feed the child. It is expected that this pin will also be useful for people with an amputated limb.

Shape rolling pin


In order to decorate cookies, cupcakes or cakes cake designers offer housewives use rolling pins to the original drawings and designs, carved directly on the working surface of the device. So, without further ado, we need only ride such a device over a layer of dough, and it is covered with a cheerful decor, which will remain on the finished baking.

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