Hotel Hotel Madera Signature Suites – A Meeting of Two Cultures

Spanish architectural studio of La Granja Design has completed work on a unique Hotel Madera Hotel Signature Suites , located in the Kowloon (Hong Kong). The new facility is intended to be a place of meeting and dialogue between two cultures – Asian and Latin.


Hotel Madera Signature Suites – a first draft of Spanish architects in Asia. The area where the hotel is built with a Spanish name, differs very high density of population on the planet.

The institution aims to become an oasis of peace and relaxation, offering visitors a warm Mediterranean exquisite interiors, contrasting with its congested and bustling environment.

Each of the nine suites is unique and full of detail, made exclusively for the implementation of the concept of this project.Some of the items are handmade at the same time the original interior decor and the rooms are a generous gift, which the guest can take with you when leaving the hotel.


Besides rooms, the house offers its clients the opportunity to classes at the gym today, reminiscent of an art gallery.


Sophisticated, eclectic and ironic interiors, executed in a pleasant view of color, just light up non-standard solutions that delight and smile.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, office is based in Barcelona:

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