wNw Bar – Authentic Architecture of Cultural and Entertainment center, Vietnam

Wnw Bar – a unique ethnic cultural and entertainment center of the architectural studio in Vietnam Vo Trong Nghia , built in Binh Duong (Vietnam).


In addition to original authentic aesthetics, the new structure of the different absolute environmental performance of materials of construction, the main of which is bamboo.

In the two-level space, illuminated by natural light doses are too bright Vietnamese sun, here fits cafe, bar, social area, as well as a stage for concerts and other cultural events.


As you know, bamboo has excellent acoustic properties. In addition, a good sounding instrument contributes to the domed shape of the building. Artificial lighting tends to create a cozy atmosphere chamber.


The project authors have developed a system of natural ventilation and cooling of buildings, bringing into the coolness that comes from the surrounding water.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio http://www.votrongnghia.com/

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