“Student” interior of the boutique brand clothing joy.play.love.

The new boutique clothing fashion brand joy.play.love. , recently opened in Seoul (Korea), declares the cheerfulness of bright colors and an explosive, dynamic style of clothing for young girls and young women’s souls.


The authors of the project – designers of the local studio design Firm M4 – is the best brand of products have implemented the motto – “fashion is play”. In this somewhat chaotic and deliberately brutal interior is especially comfortable to feel the youth and students, whose life is a fireworks display of new emotions and impressions, and life is extremely democratic.

In a situation we do not see a boutique luxury of expensive materials and decorative elements. But every square foot of commercial space is literally saturated with extraordinary design ideas and discoveries that are incredibly expressive and simple, like all brilliant.

Easy Mobile Equipment allows you to quickly and easily change the exhibition space every week. Different sectors have their own store concept – the texture and decoration materials. Colored tiles, bricks, wood and metal are added to this multi-functional space of another dimension. Many of the subjects participating in the “show”, found here their second life and are designed to create an atmosphere of creativity and adventure.

Student years – a small budget and a good mood. Ice cream, yogurt, muffins, candy, balloons – the association, creating mischief and unfussy interior of the boutique, which offers visitors much more than he wants to sell. with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the design studio:

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