Crane Light Fixtures by Charlie Davidson

At that time, as the world watched with interest the fate of the most powerful in Eastern Europe, floating crane, “Zachary”, which in mid-November, suddenly fell into a river in central Kiev, interrupting construction of the Resurrection-Podolsky bridge designer Charlie Davidson (Charlie Davidson) devised a , designer faucet. And now his project Crane Light , Light, created by the model of one of the world’s most powerful crawler crane, will appear before the audience at the exhibition Milan in 2012.

According to the author, this idea was born to him a long time, at a time when he was a freelance designer and worked with one of the art studios in Denmark. There he saw a huge lift layout built from Lego. But in such a crane, even the impressive size, could be just a useless toy. How different now, when it toy and art object and the wave functional household objects – floor lamp for the home or office.


Thanks to the original appearance, as the lamp is included as well off will be equally interesting and useful in the interior. In one case – as an art object, a sculpture that complements the overall look of the room. In another – as a floor lamp or decorative light. By adjusting the slope and height of the boom Crane Light, the light can be conducted as required in a particular case. More information about the project – on site Charlie Davidson.

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