Minitramvay for the High Line Park, New York

Life – an amazing thing. New York so quickly developed a park on the site of an old railroad trestle near the port, it is a place for recreation has become an impressive size. And so now the City think about creating a special tram line along the High Line Park.

Only a year ago in New York launched the first phase of High Line park , well-equipped at a height of several feet above the roadway, where ten years ago there were freight trains. Since then, the recreation area has expanded twice, and now it has a total length of about two kilometers. High Line Park has become a very popular target for both New Yorkers and visitors to the Big Apple. People from all over the city come here to walk, and the people closest to the park houses are using it as an avenue for easy pedestrian movement centered in New York. As a result, High Line Park became a place of constant crowds of people, darting back and forth and interfering with each other.So rest in the park turns into a nightmare and flea market. To cope with these problems, the city administration and the High Line Park decided to create a streetcar line, running on the same overpass along the entire park. It will be several stops with access in the recreation area itself, and on the streets of New York.

And, as expected, it will not be a tram rail, and high-tech magnetic levitation train. Moreover, this line will be laid in the middle of greenery, including grass and shrubs. It is not clear, of course, for which you want to use such a tech and expensive tram line of small size (recall that the length of the High Line Park is only 2 kilometers). Is that to demonstrate the ideas of the “green world” means, in essence, is the park on the ramps!

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