Creative Animal Shot Glasses stack in the form of animals – Tokyo

The original stack of glasses, ceramics and tin from the studio of designers have come up with Goody Grams . These neat little containers for beverages Animal Shot Glasses may be useful in two ways: as decorative sculptural figures that can be put on the shelf, bedside table or in a cupboard under the glass, as well as, in fact, utensils for the meal.

 The collection (set) Animal Shot Glasses included seven animals: rabbit, rhinoceros, sheep, elk, bull, deer and bear. And separately – with a pile of elephant head. The animals are decorated bottoms of glasses, and serve them a kind of creative stand. And quite stable, despite the fact that every animal has a protruding ears, horns and noses.

     A small cup, figurine, or as a candlestick – a function of tin-ceramic small animals can vary depending on the needs and desires of the owner.Animal Shot Glasses available in black and white, can be sold as a set or individually, with the price of the glasses corresponds to the design and quality, and makes about $ 28.00 apiece.


Homeland unusual stacks of the animal world – Tokyo. See these and other products from the company can be on their website.

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