“Wrinkled” Designer laptop bags by Incase

How many times have you late for work or school due to prolonged morning “ironing” clothes? Of course, to clean up their own outfit should be in the evening, you say. But so – uninteresting. But to go all day “crumpled” as somehow “not comme il faut.” That has to do everything at the last moment. Although there are things that folds and fine lines that do not remove, no matter how hard you try. If you stand very “pump” pedantry, and called for the perfect neatness, always and everywhere, it is unlikely to appreciate the “wrinkled” backpacks and bags from the company Incase . And yet, we advise you to evaluate the “sloppy” design decision.


The company Incase has for many years has been producing high quality and aesthetic protectors for laptops and other gadgets. Safety – safety, but the style is also without significance. So for the brand of “sleeves”, bags and backpacks Incase always think carefully about a unique design. A new collection of Alloy (“Alloy”) is no exception.


In the “fused” lines you can find accessories for laptops for every taste and for every occasion, from simple covers with a zipper up the huge backpacks for students and pupils, moderate men “pochtalonok” and capacious handbags. Collection maintained in strict gray. The main feature was, of course, a special “crumpled design.”


In order to achieve an interesting effect, designers used thick nylon 400 denier. The treated textile cool like a crumpled paper into a fit of anger. And because of this, let Incase Alloy bags may seem fragile and unreliable, it is anything but. Incase guarantee complete protection of your equipment and other things. In addition, each accessory is always supplied with an additional office – “sleeve” made of soft plush and dense, which will provide additional protection for your computer or tablet from scratches and mechanical damage.


In eccentric and reliable Incase bags have every chance to take their “stylish” niche among the accessories for laptops.

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