Porcelain plates Crack of Thunder

Japanese by birth, a young designer and artist Reiko Kaneko (Reiko Kaneko) was born in the UK capital, London. However, almost half of my life she spent in Japan, and later it had a huge influence on her work. After graduating from the College of St. Martin in the specialty “Art and Design”, she founded her own art studio, which specializes in the creation and production designer of porcelain. Intricately decorated plates in a series of Crack of Thunder is just showing a mixture of European and Eastern cultures, for the author’s usual habitat.

“Thunderbolt”, or rather, a flash of lightning cuts through the crack in the golden china, created in the studio Reiko Kaneko. For “ordinary” people – a defect, marriage, lack of, and for an artist and designer – the power of nature, natural phenomenon, the hand of the Lord. The fact that the Japanese are very honored porcelain, hand them down from generation to generation, and because the crack in the favorite dish is not an excuse to throw it away. “Wounded” dishes fasten straps or special mastic gum, and then the crack is decorated with gold, it becomes something of a scar, combat wounded, who are proud of the soldiers who returned from the battlefield.


Europeans do not understand any of them would not stick together and keep cracked plate. But the Japanese believe that china keeps communication between different generations, ages, and that the strength of their ancestors has evaporated through the “wound” on the container, it must be carefully patched and covered with gold for fidelity. In addition, decorated so cracks do look like a branched lightning or mountain streams, which in itself is very romantic.


Designer Porcelain from Reiko Kaneko popular in both hemispheres, as the Japanese philosophy and elegance mixed with British practicality make them useful and practical household items. See these and other designer can work on her website.

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