“Njuu feather ear cuffs” decorations for urban Pocahontas

In recent years, many design trends began to wash away much “naturalistic” wave: natural materials, “animals” theme, organics, and more. Website etsy.com not want to keep up with this trend, but because of his creative “inmates” and creators of all lovely stuff presented to the mods new jewelry under the name “Njuu feather ear cuffs” , light as feathers, from which they are made.

     New attributes are reminiscent of the ritual leader of any Indian tribe. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, then this accessory is definitely a start in the gray tomahawk in your city and surroundings. Decorations are a kind of earrings, but not attached to the earlobe, and behind the ear. Therefore, in order to flaunt their feathers so chic, do not have to run to the tattoo parlor or a girlfriend to pierce ears in a couple of extra holes. There are no needles and no bloodshed. Peace, brother.

     These sumptuous accessories of his airy and bright, often “tropical” color will give your face an unusual, exotic, and (if I may say so) fabulous view. Thanks to the so-called “feather cuffs” can stand and play with different images, becoming a proud and beautiful Pocahontas alien visitor.


Also, this dressing is likely to be a good surprise for the fans and admirers of hippie culture.


In general, using these wild “feathered” accessories can add spice to a noticeable appearance, cheer yourself up, and at the same time to catch a lot of interested glances of passersby.

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  1. Dido says:

    where did you get all of thos? they're beautiful and I've been looking for them!

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