A large space is a little flat. Ideas for interior design by Russian designer Oleg Trofimov

The interior of this small apartment “dressed” in white and warm light beech wood. The author of the project – Russian designer Oleg Trofimov (Oleg Trofimov) – sought to create a spacious air-dwelling, whose boundaries are dissolved in the color and ergonomic forms.


A key element in the scheme of saving space was located in the lounge wall with built-in storage. In the flat cabinet fronts and integrated TV-area, transforming a dining table and chairs.

The second “smart” piece of the apartment is located in a bedroom and a table that out of order hidden in a small hole in the wall.


Lamps Anglepoise, the scale of the bed and extravagant expressive portraits designed to create a sense of spacious high room, do not pay attention to their actual size.


Approach to building furniture and decorative design simplified to a reasonable minimum. Neutral colors, furnishings merge into a single continuous flow of the floor and walls, avoiding obstacles and visual contrasts.


As a result of this work, the owner of this small apartment has one spacious and well-lit room with an individual creative style.

With the creativity of the author of the project can be found by visiting the official blog of the designer: http://oleg-3d.blogspot.com/


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