Teplosaurus, Battery-Dinosaur Decoration as Central Heating Radiator

Iron dinosaur, which replaces a central heating radiator in the apartment, came up with the designers from the Art Lebedev Studio. Their creation Teplosaurus is both decorative and applied, as it brings benefits not only aesthetic, but the most that on is practical.

Fossil creature, which offer a warm room, large enough to host a party laundered clothing or bedding, and compact as to be in the child’s room or living room as a permanent element of the interior. Moreover, the benefits of such a heater would be much greater than that of conventional batteries, when you consider the overall complex structure Teplosaurus, including skull, spine, ribs, legs and tail.


A battery mounted decorative as well as the standard, and works along the same lines, filled with water from a common heating system. And the child as a result will always be room Jurassic period, regardless of the time, and that the battery warm or cold.

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