I-house – A Japanese minimalist house

I-house – a beautiful minimalist house, designed by Japanese architect Masahiko Sato (Masahiko Sato) over the Gulf of Sasebo in Nagasaki (Japan). Architecture of the home, located on the slope of the embossed, aimed at minimizing the changes in the natural landscape and to maximize the “capture” picturesque views from the windows.


The house has easy access to the winding mountain road leading to the town and bay below. The first floor includes the terrace, the entrance to the dwelling and carport parking lot. There is also a living room space.

The second and third levels are given under private apartments, which provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape of the house.


Solid glass fragments of the building provides a large amount of natural light and panoramic views of sea and sky. A balcony and patio allow residents to rest in the open.

Thanks to the artificial illumination after dark, elegant snow-white structure is transformed into a mysterious modern “palace” that is visible from afar.

Minimalist architecture of I-house continues to develop in the interior, made with plenty of natural wood and devoid of superfluous decorative elements that might distract from the purity of form and beauty of nature.

With the creativity of the author of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio http://www.architect-show.com/top_main.htm

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