Stylish Vinyl stickers Mirror in a luxury hotel, Lebanese Riviera Prive

Hotel Riviera Prive, located in Beirut – a favorite stopping place dzhetsetterov from 1956 to the present day. More recently, bathrooms this most famous and creative facilities in Lebanon, luxury vinyl adorned scale images of faces with glasses-mirrors.


Located in the picturesque Riviera, provides visitors with a private beach, swimming pool, comfortable rooms, a bar and a spacious living room. Riviera Prive combines a comfortable beach holiday luxury and glamorous interiors with the ability to “see and be seen.” The latter is extremely important for dzhettsetterov – fashionable and wealthy people who are willing to fly to another city or even to another country for the sake of trendy parties.

The concept of vinyl stickers made exclusively for the hotel by the Lebanese Republique Beirut – a fine game on the views of the ubiquitous neighbors watching each other through the opaque mirrored sunglasses. We can assume that in the near future for the right to present a prestigious hotel its products will fight the leading manufacturers of sunglasses.

With the creativity of the authors of creative ideas in the style of luxury can be found by visiting the official website of the company:

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