SlashGear Gadgets Review for Religious People

Religious people have their own special needs, likes and tastes, due to their religious sentiments. For example, they can easily be enjoyed specially created according to their status of gadgets and devices. That’s like the design of specific devices, and we describe in our review.


Antivirus USB-hub
USB-hub – a very useful device if using multiple devices, and the number of USB-input on the computer is limited. Especially it will be useful, if USBprotector with integrated anti-virus program. Moreover, it is made in the form of a cross, so that, apparently, he not only casts malware, but the evil spirits!


Player for Christians
If there is Christian music, then why not be a Christian audio players? Thus, for example, a device called The Saint B MP3-player, made in the form of a cross.


Nokia Tibetan – phone for Buddhists
Mobile phones are needed not only Christians but all worldly suffering otrinuvshim Buddhists. It is to them and designed a mobile phone Nokia Tibetan, which helps to meditate, is the color of robes of Buddhist monks and splash screen in the form of Mandalas.   USB-Bible
True believers are Christians love to carry a copy of the Bible now and then to turn to him for help and advice in difficult times. USB Digital Bible Keychain – this is the same book of books, only translated into a digital format, and bathed in a special stick.  Koogle and I’m Halal – Kosher and halal search engines
The conflict between Jews and Arabs transported even in the virtual space. Not wanting to have anything to do with the non-kosher and nehalyalnym world, respectively, they created a special search engine – Koogle and I’m Halal, filter search results according to religious norms of a group.

   Muslim Phone
The company released a variation Samcom mobile phone Ilkone i800, designed specifically for the Muslim audience. It is preset to the text of the Koran in Arabic and English, is reminder of the need to perform prayers at certain hours five times a day and a GPS-beacon tracking the direction of Mecca.   Phone for Jews
A similar unit created for the representatives of the Jewish faith-based phone Motorola K1. This is considered kosher CellPhones on it even worth printing rabbinate. And the number of cards inserted into it, is automatically considered kosher.And not to be tempted to talk on this phone on Shabbat, the calls on this day there are more than 100 times greater than in the other (2.44 dollars, and 2 centers per minute, respectively).

Philippines Arena – stadium for religious meetings
Stadiums – a building constructed in the first place, for them to sporting events. But the world’s largest indoor Philippines Arena, designed for 50,000 seats, built for mass religious gatherings Philippine national church Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ). The remaining events, including sports and will be there to pass in the days of free worship.

 iPhone – Gadget of the new religion
Love for the company Apple, its leader and the product becomes more and more like a religion. Especially, after the death of Steve Jobs. A mobile phone iPhone has become almost mandatory attribute this belief, as a cross by Christians and Jews have the Star of David.

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