Nahimichit Designer tea set Chemicus from Lebedev

People who have always adored the chemistry as a science, but to master it and could not, now have a unique opportunity to try on the role of the alchemist, the caster of the potion or some other magic bullet. In the design studio Art Lebedev came up with an original project called Chemicus, which will help the beginner Snape nahimichit at least a cup of strong tea.

Tea service with the traditional Gzhel painted blue and white is a natural laboratory flasks, retorts, beakers and test tubes, except that no glass, and made of porcelain. The shape and the image of each element of this set is exactly the same image and its prototype form, but his purpose is quite different.


China Chemicus, intended for chemists patriots and adapted for use in the kitchen, has two unusual teapots – for hot water and tea leaves, a cup and saucer, sugar bowl, a pretty vase and a set of beakers, test tubes for spices. In order not to depart from the idea, the tubes are installed on a special stand, as in this laboratory.


Given the fact that the day of the creation of this project falls on April 1, Chemicus tea service can be kind of a joke from the Moscow designers. Well, if he is still destined to hit the shelves, so get a set of dishes for tea probably want many. Even if they hated chemistry at the time.

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