30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – March 28th to April 04th, 2012

1. Grand-Teton-Nationalpark in Wyoming

2. Atomic sky 

3. Some aurora behind the clouds last night in Fairbanks 

4. The Sun, about a minute before sunset.

5. Storm magic, Roseto degli Abruzzi Italy

6. Tree outside a building- SW Virginia 

7. Blue Point, Bali, Indonesia 

8. Partial moon at dusk, WV.

9. Sunset over Belgrade

10. Stormclouds rolling in above Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

11. Sunset in Waterberg National Park, Namibia 

12. Clouds above Nairobi, Kenya (HDR) 

13. sunset glow, Sweden 

14. Very misty weather over terraced paddy fields of Cat Cat, Vietnam

15. Sunset in Missouri 

16. Star Trails over Denali from Wonder Lake at -20°F

17. Sunset at Turnagain, Anchorage, Alaska

18. Khufu Sil, Orion the Hunter, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Kühtai Sellraintal, Tyrol 

19. Fire in the Sky, Sunset in the Kornati National Park, Croatia 

20. Cloud Bands – Santorini, Greece

21. Snowy Peaks, Clouds Envelop, Near Superior, AZ 

22. the sailor, Sweden

23. Kilimanjaro above the clouds at sunrise, from Mt. Meru, Tanzania 

24. Civil Dawn in Southern California, USA. 

25. Sunset across the sound of jura,scotland.

26. Sunset over McDowell Mountains, Arizona 

27. Pawley’s Island, SC 

28. Thunder storms rolling into Weaver, Al

29. Minnesotan Sunrise

30. Sunset in Budapest 

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