Roombox – Place for living, Equipped with a Conventional Car !!

Experience has taught us to the fact that the mobile home is usually a trailer with a sufficiently large size, which is almost impossible to use in everyday life, regardless of travel. But Roombox completely different! This is a place for living, equipped with a conventional car!

Mobile homes may be quite different. Compare at least a real home on wheels ProtoHaus and trailer-storey palace of Baby Girl, intended for the stars and millionaires. But in all cases they are larger than usual, even the most spacious car. However, the Swiss company Roombox makes a call to this view of the housing for travelers! She has released a kit that turns into the house any more or less great car!

 Roombox itself is not a means of transportation. This is only a certain set of devaysov turning the car into the house.However, not every car, minivan or a hatchback, that is, Auto, which has the back door.

Here it is in the rear of the machine and must be Roombox. During the trip he will be in the folded state, but if you stay overnight or even lunch, and this kit will be very helpful!     In the middle of the day it can be put forward at the table folding legs. A late afternoon added to the table and a bed with two bunks. Moreover, it will be a bed inside a car that will protect travelers from rain and other attributes of bad weather.And all this can be deployed without any difficulty and technical savvy in seconds.   The kit also includes Roombox capacity for fresh water by 6.6 liter and 7.7-liter tank for sewage. There is also a battery, from which energy can be supplied mobile gadgets and Soup, and, in addition, also miniplita, a small sink and shower cubicle folding.In general, all that is needed is more or less unpretentious, but at the same time and demanding traveler. 

It should be set Roombox 8833 U.S. dollars. For the extra money you can increase its functionality, depending on the needs of the buyer.

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