“Drenched Color” – Mostly Conceptual Apartment

This bright color concept fit into a small space apartments, significantly apart its borders. The author of the project – Ukrainian designer Anna Marinenko – boldly and convincingly uses the two most brilliant shade of a color palette that contrasts with the snow-scale basis, and it spills on the spray of small parts and accessories.

     Thus, the main characters of this play air – red and yellow. Supporting roles performed by small fragments of gray and black.

Here is what the project by Anna: “I decided to make such an original concept by which customers are unlikely to solve, but to make such a pleasure. And with such a project in the portfolio more likely to get a similar order. The idea was that would make a colorful and bright interior, but do not overdo it with paint, and do not get in the end white interior with small patches of color, although it is also very nice, but too simple. I hope I was able to find a middle ground. The apartment is designed for a short stay in it, for example, for guests or for that would be alone there and take a break from the monotonous daily life. ”


A bold red and yellow pop art history begins with the entrance door and continues throughout the entire space of apartments intended for short-term stay in it. The owners of the home will be able to rest from time to time here on the monotone of everyday life or provide him with his guests.


Chandelier over the dining table mimics a drop of white paint. All details of the interior told his story, which becomes a harmonious part of the picture.

 The spherical theme can be traced in almost every square meter of space, contrasting with the angular and sharp lines of functional and decorative furniture in red.


Visually dominate the main space are watches «Japan Clock», a concept which is a tribute to the Japanese people and develops the theme of “a drop of blood in the water,” recalling the loss during the giant tsunami and earthquake, March 11, 2011.


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