Brutally-minimalist Design of the bathroom Private Home or a Spacious Apartment.

Italian designers Deynlon Claudia (Claudia Danelon) and Federico Meroni (Federico Meroni) developed a model of ultra-modern bathroom, which is tastefully and elegantly integrated into the architecture of a bathroom private home or a spacious apartment.


Thin lines of black elegant bathroom contrast with the rough surface of a monolithic block of the base. This is an organic interaction between two different shapes and materials is particularly impressive in the context of nature. Once installed on a solid background box, this model fully takes advantages of its elegant and rather brutal simplicity.

However, if such a luxury is not available, the actual design of the bathroom organically adapts to a wide range of ultra-modern versions of context. Overall dimensions of the bathroom – 185x109x60 cm, the size of a monolithic bloc – 245x80x45 cm

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the design studio:

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