A Seat in the spirit of the Rolling Stones from the company WAMHOUSE

The extraordinary design of the seat of the Polish company Paszcza WAMHOUSE definitely attracts attention. And not only decorated in the style of the present day trend of minimalism. The attentive viewer will notice the similarity with the famous symbol of the Rolling Stones.

Designers say that this seat should be the center of a modern interior, because of its exclusivity and extravagance. By and large, Armchair Paszcza can be used not only by prescription, but also for decorative purposes, like a stylish art object in a salon or gallery, exhibition hall or a large window of the store. There it will show off as a celebrity on the red carpet, and shamelessly display language to all who pass by.


Being small, the chair in the spirit of the Rolling Stones integrated into the interior of the studio apartments or rooms. It is obvious that the design of the chair is designed for young audiences, creative people who live an active life and prefer to surround themselves with original and unusual items and home furnishings. However, so far Paszcza – just a concept.

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